Legendary Update Comes to Blade and Soul this Month

News from the official Blade¬†and Soul KR website, the Legendary Update will be launched this month including a lot of new content like three new dungeons, new outfits, 1v1 PvP arena, and many more. There are hints that some of the new dungeons will drop a new set of items that is a higher grade than the ones currently out in Blade and Soul, which means there will be new Legendary Orange grade items! Now let’s check out the update content summary translated from Steparu.com¬†below.

When the sun sets, the bosses of the original dungeon changes into a different set of bosses. A more challenging version of Bloody Shark Harbor bosses and perhaps new bosses will reveal themselves.

Ice Storage Warehouse

During the night the Bloody Shark Harbor instance dungeon turns into a whole different new area. When the night comes the undead pirates rises from the dead and wanders around. The undead pirates attack everyone at sight because they are not sure they are dead and they are pirates after all. Also during the darkest hour, there is only one place with lights the on and that is the Ice Storage Warehouse. The sound of a person working out and machines clattering can be heard from far away in this new area. Who will players meet in the secret room!? Now it’s time for you to find out!