An over-view of Guild Wars 2 Under-Water Combat




Guide to the Underwater Life of Guild Wars 2

Usually in MMO’s,  there is absolutely no such thing as under-water combat, only under-water swimming. To make things more interesting, Arena Net decided to add a whole miniature combat system below the calm surface of the lake one might come across whilst leveling. When you jump into the water your weapon skills change to a sequence that matches what you have equipped: Spear, trident or spear gun.  All of these have their own skills that make them more unique than the other. The water itself has realistic water animation and physics, which, combined with the intuitive water combat system makes the user want to explore underwater (or not, depending on you preferences of course). Another difference that will be noticed is the difference in the dodging. Some may not notice it and freak out that they will be easily targeted, but no fear it is there. Instead of the traditional rolling above water, your character will quickly dart through the water in the direction directed by you.

“Ya sure, nice scenery and all but why bother when I could be above water leveling?” Simple. It’s underwater leveling. Its new, and fresh. A break from the everyday above-water leveling. It’s Arena-Nets version of saying “we want to be different, and we will be different from any other popular MMO”. Not to mention under-water mobs got some nice exp and drops! The underwater as well provides karma quests that work the same way as the ones you see above water. In theory, under-water combat has three levels of mobs. The first layer, the middle layer and the topmost layer. The top has practically nothing wandering(or should I say “swimming”) around except for an occasional passive mob. The second layer will have a more populated area of aggressive creatures that will not think twice about trying to rip you to bits and send you back to a way-point. Finally, there is a third layer that is full to the brim of ravenous beasts and challenges. This is most often the location of underwater events meaning karma quests or Dynamic Events.

Something that will definitely throw you off in the game will be the combat underwater. Unlike on land, when submerged underwater foes can approach you from below and above you. This often forces people to constantly be on the look-out and swerving their camera in every location possible, in fear of a surprise mob ready to turn you into a shish kebab. This being said, it is better to play it safe rather than think scuba diving on the first jump will be fun. Besides that, the makers of Guild Wars 2 included two factors, sinking and floating. Both of course are self-explanatory and can turn the tides of war when in the battlefield against other players. Sad to say, these abilities are only available for certain classes since they each have their own unique play-style.

What happens when your killed?? Well the down-state comes in, and then you die. Although Unlike above water, when a player is downed they must swim to the surface where they will regenerate health until they revive themselves. Normally, players would receive 25% of their health back and will then make the choice to stay and fight it out like mad or swim to avoid becoming a human fillet for the creatures of the water.