Preview to the Ranger Build

Rangers- The Long distance fighters of GW2. Much as the game suggests, they carry bows/shortbows/ or even two-handed swords, whichever one is best for you. Rangers are great for single target enemies. Rangers will be overwhelmed if they verse a large mob of monsters.

Ranger Leveling Build:Rangers were meant to be long distance fighters and this build focuses on keeping you far away from your enemies so that you can dish out the damage without having to worry about your defenses. This is a very effective build for taking out single target enemies, but you will struggle when facing a large group of foes even with help from your pet.


Marksmanship will work wonders for boosting your base damage which is important since this isn’t a high condition build or a high crit build. You shouldn’t need to dodge that often so you can get a nice damage boost by throwing Steady Focus in the adept slot. Grab Eagle Eye for the Master spot to boost your Longbow range because that is going to be your primary damage dealing weapon most of the time.


Although you aren’t going to crit often, going into Skirmishing is necessary to boost your crit damage when it happens and to boost your overall damage by reducing the cooldown on your weapon skills. Get Sharpened Edges for your first trait to boost your crit damage even further and give you a nice damage tick even when you are running for your life. Quick Draw in the Master section is the reason you are going into this tree and the skill refresh boost is going to seriously increase overall damage.

Wilderness Survival

Since you aren’t going to be getting hit much focusing on this section for survival is not important. You are basically throwing 10 points into the tree to boost your pet’s damage so he will bring down foes faster.

Nature Magic

Nature magic is good for two different reasons, the regeneration you get when your health drops down to 75 percent will help keep you topped off when you take minor damage. Get Strength of Spirit as your trait to boost your damage a little further.