Siege Weaponry and how to use it




Siege Weapons

When I say that just a group of people and a burning passion for the conquering of a point isn’t enough, I really mean it. Siege weaponry is new to MMO’s and was introduced to the Guild Wars 2 World versus world map. These machines are meant for the both defending and attacking key locations of the map and give players a large advantage over others when they keep this arsenal with them.  Right now, only six siege weapons are available for use, but still each one can result in a fatal blow and a long walk back from the re-spawn waypoint.

Alpha Siege Golem:These machines of madness are a sight to fear as they approach your front gate in the midst of heated combat. These brutes specialize in a large damage output just like other gadgets but what makes these stand out are its capabilities of being able to be used in even the toughest of spots. Often players will try to make siege weapons next to the door, but the intense firepower of enemies can be too strong to withstand. Golems serve as a “We need backup now” sort of firepower. Just like other weapons you need to “mount” it for it to be used.

All of these weapons were put in for the sole purpose of making the player versus player map a much more interesting place to be in. One thing that players will want to always remember with these gadgets is your placement. Siege weapons were put into the game to either help you win the battle or just utterly waste your time, all depending on how well you know how to utilize its capabilities. Always remember what the weapon correspond to the needs in the current situation and place it where its maximum potential will shine. But be careful as well with how you many you build. Never line a whole wall with weapons if there is no one to use them, because if you lose the points you have just handed the enemy a Gourmet Meal on a golden plate. Watch your supplies count (Supplies is the item you use to construct the mechanism) because it doesn’t last forever, otherwise you have to wait for a supplies caravan to arrive. Again, with the correct knowledge YOU can turn the tides of the war.