The Theif Guide


The Thief Guide

The thief is the assassin hidden by darkness. It specializes in darting in and out of combat using stealth and traps to take out all who oppose. Although they are easily focused and have low survivability, they always have a trick up their sleeves to slip out from the enemies grasps.

The thief is considered one of the Adventure professions of the many classes. Using only medium armor makes them rather light. To activate their skills, thieves use initiative to launch a volley of swirling attack to assault enemies. What separates thieves from other classes, is that they utilize stealth is almost all of their abilities, including their heal which grants stealth for some time unlike other classes.  Since they have low health and armor, their primary purpose in battles is focusing important targets and finishing off other low health targets.


Similar to other MMOS, the Guild Wars 2 thief can fight as a ranged and melee fighter, granting greater positions in battles. They were primarily built as an immensely powerful DPS, jumping straight into the most immense battles and swiftly finishing targets off to continue their killing streak.
The roaming of a thief is a vital skill to a player. Simple moving around and observing the movement of players is important even if they don’t commit to any fights. They are completely meant to dash in to finish the job and move on.

Thief only utilizes 4 weapons making it seem rather boring and possibly putting it at a disadvantage. Thankfully, each weapon combination provides some of the most useful skills that anyone could use. Each of course is meant for quick bursts and covering up for any weaknesses, for example, using both daggers you have an ability to stab and vanish immediately avoiding all detection. Using a sword, the thief may set down a waypoint where he/she will jump from to a target and may teleport back as they please. Using the short bow, thieves may tumble backwards to escape melee attacks. And finally the pistols allow players to set down a cloud of smoke to avoid taking any damage at all..