The Thief Guide to Stealth-Thief Class Guide


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Thief’s Guide to Stealth-The Theif Class Guide

Stealth, one of the most utilized skills by thieves. It is what makes thieves the assassin of the night. You never know when one will pop up next to youand let loose a fury of attacks. It’s What makes Thief’s it so frightening to others. Thief’s pop up in the most un-expected places. In addition to stealth, the thief uses many skills to sneak in without detection, cause as much damage as possible to disrupt players and then get out ASAP with as few scratches as possible.

When in stealth, thieves are untouchable by attacks that would otherwise kill them. AOE skills on the other hand have chances of actually hitting if the attacker is lucky. AOE attacks give away the thief’s position only slightly, showing only the faint outline and the movement of the environment.

When thief’s enter stealth, the skill set becomes different. The first skill that a thief has (depending on the weapon composition) is a special skill that adds bonus effects such as bleeds and extra damage, and stuns. Very useful in PvP..