As high levelled players on a world often join a clan

As many players gather in certain areas, such as the Soul Obelisk and waiting rooms, the game may run slowly in those areas. In serious cases, players may be kicked for inactivity as any target is defeated before they could attack.

Unbalanced teams
As high levelled players on a world often join a clan, the team chosen by that clan will win most games. This can be demoralising for those without the requirements to join a clan.

‘Leech’ clans and game entry
Due to leech clans attempting to join the same team as higher levelled clans, players often fail to get ingame. This is because the number of players in each waiting room is usually unbalanced on official worlds.

Combat level difference
Players can be attacked regardless of combat level. This can result in repeated deaths for low levelled players, particularly against mages using spells from the ancient magicks spell book..

Gnomes returned to the surface right after the end of the God Wars

Aside from a few settlements in the Kharidian Desert and the refugee town of Burgh De Rott (Meiyerditch, although being the largest city with human population at that time, was already ruled by Vampyres by then), most humans in the beginning of the 4th age had abandoned civilization due to destroyed settlements and lived in barbaric tribes. The major exception to this was the city of Saranthium, but this was eventually wiped out. As the age progressed, they started to build new and permanent settlements, some of which turned into mighty cities by the late Fourth Age, thus allowing humans to become the dominant race in Gielinor by the end of the Fourth Age. Humans also attempted to recolonize the Wilderness, but were not successful. Humans would not have become dominant, however, if it were not for the discovery of Rune Essence.

Gnomes returned to the surface right after the end of the God Wars, where they found their settlements destroyed. Between the 3rd and 5th centuries of the Fourth Age, gnomes were forced to hide from barbaric human tribes, avoiding extinction. Shortly after that, the Grand Tree was planted and gnome civilization and technology began to thrive.

Dwarves remained under the surface during the Fourth Age. During that time, they discovered a huge cavern where they built Keldagrim. After the city’s foundation, most of their magical powers were somehow lost, allowing them to only cast Superheat Item. During the rule of King Alvis, the Consortium, which quickly became a ruling organization in Keldagrim, was founded; by around the year 1650, after King Alvis’s death, the Consortium ruled the Dwarven Realm entirely. Due to their lack of magical abilities, the technology of dwarves had become very advanced by that time. By the end of Fourth Age or at the beginning of Fifth Age, they started making first contacts with the surface once again after a few thousand years.Runescape Gold.

Imcando dwarves emerged much earlier and retained at least some contact with the surface world during Fourth Age. However, all but 2 Imcando dwarves were slaugtered by barbarians, Thurgo being the most commonly known.

Elves did not remain enclosed in Tirannwn during the Fourth Age. In the early Fourth Age, they ruled large areas of modern day Kandarin for at least part of the age, where they taught humans and lived peacefully. This continued until the Iorwerth Clan, who worshipped Zamorak, took over Prifddinas during the Battle of Prifddinas. Rebel clans were forced to stay in Isafdar, a forest south of Prifddinas.

When the Fourth Age began, many of the goblin tribes fought against the other races for resources. In the early Fourth Age, Goblins battled with Ogres, whom they had lived with for ages on Feldip Hills area. They were eventually forced to move northward to the Kandarin areas due to greater strength of Ogres. There, they came in conflict with Gnomes, leading to battles between them. Due to illusion spells used by Gnomes, goblins stopped attacking the gnomes and eventually just trying to settle where they could. By the midpoint of the Fourth Age, goblins were losing the competition for resources and started to fight amongst themselves, culminating in the Battle of Plain of Mud. Throughout the Fourth Age, the majority of goblins became weaker and less intelligent, until they became only a minor threat to other races. They still started to spread over to other areas, like Asgarnia and Misthalin. Eventually, near the end of the Fourth Age, some of the goblin tribes started to build small permanent settlements, with Goblin Village being the most well-known.
Cave goblins remained underground, cut off from other civilizations with no major conflicts. Their main city, Dorgesh-Kaan, prospered while their knowledge of magic and technology grew. Approximately, during the early 19th century of the Fourth Age, they made contact with Juna and Light creatures.

TzHaar, living an isolated life since the First Age, make the first documented contact with the surface people. The TzHaar civilisation considered humans as pets during this time.

Under the rule of Lord Drakan, the Vampyres had taken all of Morytania and enslaved the population. The lands to the east of what was once Hallowvale became known as the Sanguinesti region, and this is believed to be where the vampyre populous lives. The Vampyres have less power the further they stray from this region, so outlying settlements are generally ruined and downtrodden. Those living north of the Mort Myre Swamp are relatively free to manage their own affairs; however, those in the Sanguinesti Region are treated like cattle and routinely drained of blood. All people in what is now known as Morytania pay Blood tithes to the Vampyres. Eventually, Lord Drakan felt strong enough to attack Misthalin, but he was defeated and the River Salve blessed against him. By the late Fourth Age, Morytania was little more than a legend, and people began to settle in the North. Later, they all became enslaved..

Social Slayer was introduced on the 11th of July of 2012

Social Slayer was introduced on the 11th of July of 2012, and allows two (2) players to participate together on a Slayer assignment by inviting each other using an enchanted gem or a Ring of Slaying. To invite someone, both players must not currently have a slayer task assigned, or both players are on the same task.(NOTE: Due to technical reasons, if you have had a task before 11 July 2012, you must finish that task before you can invite other players with the same task.) Drops are not shared unless using Lootshare or Coinshare in a multiway combat area. Combat and slayer experience are not shared with each other. The aim of the social slayer is simply to speed up the task and provide an opportunity to interact with other players. A single co-op point is obtained by both players when the assignment is complete. If eligible, each player will also receive normal slayer reward points, depending on how many of the kills in this task were performed by the player. For example, if both players killed exactly half the number of the appointed task, then both players would get half of what they would have normally gotten, if 1 player kills all monsters, and the other players kills none, then the first will get all slayer points and the second will get none.

When using the “Kills-left”-option on an Enchanted Gem/Ring of Slaying, the killcount of both players is taken into account, separately. Once the task is finished, the player who made the most killing blows and did the most damage will receive more slayer experience than the other. Due to this, social slayer is most useful when the Slayer group members are about the same level, as with imbalanced combat levels, one player may finish the task faster than the other. Also, in order to receive slayer experience, a player must either do the most damage or make the killing blow. Furthermore, if both players are not standing relatively close to each other, their kills will only count towards their own task and not the other player’s.

Currently, if a player deals more damage and/or makes the killing blow, the other player’s killcount will not go down. It is unknown if this is a bug.

When getting a new task, only the blocks of the player who asks for the task are taken into account. The block lists do not combine. Both players need not be present when receiving a new duo task, so long as they are in the same slayer party (easily checked by right-clicking a slayer gem or ring). Also, tasks can only be assigned by slayer masters that both slayers have unlocked and are eligible for – a team with a level 86 and a level 171 cannot receive tasks from Kuradal. (Attempting to do so does not assign a solo task to the one eligible player.).

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Once you have all the required items in your inventory, simply click “construct pyre site” to craft the pyre ship and send the barbarian on its way.As a reward for setting the spirit free, it will leave an item behind for you, which if you are lucky, might even be the highly sought after dragon full helm.A prayer bonus is also given for releasing the spirit. The type of log you used will determine how many bones you can bury afterwards that will receive a 300% exp increase. When you bury a bone with the 300% boost a message will appear in your chat screen..