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There is a bank chest just north of Nomad should you need to change out your equipment or bank items. You will be fighting other players with any combat style, so bring appropriate equipment. To join a team, enter either the red or blue team’s waiting room. If you do not know which team to select, you may enter the green balancing portal in the center and you will automatically join one of the two teams.Soul Wars requires team cooperation, operating with different roles, to succeed as a whole.

Use your Barricades wisely. It is advised to set barricades on bridges leading to the Obelisk and on the path leading to your team’s Avatar. To prevent from having to run back and forth between the gathering Soul fragments and the Obelisk, some people offer to act as a runner. Players give this person, who will run to the obelisk, all their fragments. Keep in mind, that this job is only suited for high leveled players. enough time to do Runescape Gold,we can help you.

The Avatar’s level, shown in the top right menu equals the minimum Slayer level required to harm the Avatar. If you attack the Avatar, be sure to have plenty of Prayer Points for Protect from Melee, as it is level 525!  Prayer points can be replenished by burying Bones at a As Soul Wars requires all three of the above tasks, each equally important to win, it is best to evenly distribute roles. If your team is more successful in those tasks than the opposing team, victory is inevitable.
clanhall  It will be the fastest runescape order for delivery in Runescape Gold market!To play the game you can work on lowering the level of the enemy Avatar, keeping your Avatar alive, or trying to capture key points. If one role is lacking, the entire team will suffer.Once a game has started, you will appear near your team’s Avatar. In the area next to it, you can find an equipment area where you can stock up on the following items, which will aid you in runescape game. To win the game you must kill your opponents Avatar. Whether you are able depends on your Slayer level.

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