Members will also be able to unlock a brand new turkey pet in RuneScape

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While recovering from RuneFest and some epic Halloween parties, it’s nice to know there’ll be some chunky updates to help me recover. Updates to take my mind off all the sweets and pumpkin pie I didn’t eat. Honest!We’re not done partying quite yet, although the turkeys of RuneScape have a different idea on how to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.

Captain Turkerton and his turkey brethren are planning a protest against their species being put on the Thanksgiving menu for another year! If their demands aren’t met, a turkey invasion seems imminent, and they’re prepared to gobble up the land. Can you find a peaceful solution? Can you stand the thought of Thanksgiving dinner without turkey?

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Free players and members completing the turkey event will be able to unlock the new Thanksgiving crest for their herald capes, which will also change the turkey emote if played while worn. Members will also be able to unlock a brand new turkey pet!

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