Do not post any pictures or videos in RuneScape

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This also includes media. Do not post any pictures or videos that contain vulgar language or images. If you follow this very basic rule, it is unlikely that you will need to read the rest of our rules.If you are in doubt, try finding a relevant forum, don’t make the same post in multiple forums.If a topic is in the wrong forum, it will be moved.

Your post should also contain more than one single word, this is a discussion forum and not a chatroom.Text in your signature may be wider, but the total signature height including images and text should not be more than 300 pixels high.

In the latter case, you should send a ban appeal to RuneScape, there is nothing we can do with it.All begging will be removed from the forums.All advertising will be removed. New users joining purely to advertise their site will be permanently banned.Hacking, scamming or cheating talk is not allowed.Also, no RuneScape-related software may be posted except official software.Users caught scamming fellow forum users will be permanently banned.

Members do not have the possibility to change their own names. To enquire about name changes, or to request a name change, please send a personal message to an administrator. This shows that you just want to be staff for the sake of being on the staff, and you will have a smaller chance of being staff in the future.

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