The quantity of the item received as well as the duration in Runescape

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At the bottom of the panel you’ll see the quantity of the item received as well as the duration of its use and item price. The Buy button at the bottom of the panel allows you to purchase your currently selected item.Purchasing an item from the Store is done by selecting an item from one of the Store categories and clicking on the Buy button in the item detail panel.

You will receive a chat message reminding you of your new purchases and a flashing indicator will highlight icons with unlocked content.If you try to purchase an item without enough RuneCoins the help display will show you exactly how many RuneCoins you need to complete your purchase.

After you complete your purchase click the close button in the upper right hand corner of the Store to return to RuneScape. Making it easy to pick the RuneCoin package that’s right for you!Before you complete your purchase you’ll have to confirm that you’re happy with your selection.To claim your free RuneCoins simply click on the banner at the top of Solomon’s General Store. This gift can only be claimed once.

You’ll have a chance to review the final RuneCoin price, see any discounts applied to your purchase and see your new RuneCoin balance – Don’t forget, members get a 10% discount on all items!Solomon, the generous genie that he is, has a one-time gift of 200 free RuneCoins for every Adventurer in RuneScape.

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