It is times like that you find out who your friends really are in Runescape

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When you pick it up, the fact will be broadcast to everyone in the vicinity, your prayer points will be completely drained, and you’ll become attackable by everyone – regardless of their level. It’s at times like that you find out who your friends really are!

The risks involved are great, but the rewards are greater still. Do you have the cunning and the skill to survive in RuneScape’s wildest lands? Two new outfits, inspired by the Armadylean and Bandosian warband leaders, will be available on the Squeal of Fortune from this weekend. Keep an eye on the news for more details!
The increased chance to win Slayer Masks and XP lamps on the Squeal of Fortune – along with the 1.5x Slayer XP from Squeal of Fortune-won lamps – has been extended by three days: until Thursday March 28th, 23:59 (GMT).The Sizzling Summer Promissory Note will expire on the 1st April. Be sure to use up any remaining XP before then!

Player-owned port totems have been reworked to function consistently and to offer more benefits.Higher-end capes have had their armour values corrected. While the capes have lowered armour values, they still remain the most potent capes in game.The player-owned ports log book now states the amount of time until a ship returns.

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