Do they think people can’t use protect item or something?

Why do people keep saying “few people would risk this in the wild, it won’t hurt PK’ing that much”.

Do they think people can’t use protect item or something?..

You think people don’t use Smite or something? Like I said, it’s a huge risk bringing 90 mil into the wilderness. It doesn’t matter if you can use protect, especially when fighting in the higher level wilderness where you getting away with anything less then 0 prayer isn’t going to be possible.¬†Runescape 2007 Gold.¬†Fights above Edgeville can be debated tho, and rightfully so. But I haven’t seen a rational and well thought out post about it yet. How about you provide one?

I also like how anyone who enjoys the idea of GWD is considered an EOC player. In fact my character is a Berserker pure, GWD won’t even be available to me. This community has really gone downhill since I was last here, no one can have a rational discussion anymore..