it’s clothes in runescape or a luxury car in reality

Personally, I think when someone applies financial responsibility to a video game they’re just being silly. A game is first and foremost about relaxation and enjoyment.

If someone abandons those aspects and begins to focus on all the needless items the game has to offer, the question is then raised, why even play the game? Do you realize that that 5 or 6 dollars you spend every month could be invested into your 401k or a CD?

Probably not, because the thought of using every bit of your money to further financial responsibility is quixotic and quite frankly, stupid. RS 2007 Gold. People unwind with purchases they probably don’t need.

The same can be applied to the game. Especially to the game. Since in this game you could easily make that 1mill with a weekend of grinding. Which, when adjusted to how much you could make at your job in 8 hours proves the point that we all spend money on seemingly useless additions to life.

Doesn’t matter if it’s clothes in runescape or a luxury car in reality.

Personally i think that just because something gives no in-game advantage it isnt a waste of time or money. RuneScape 2007 Gold. We play games to have fun and if people enjoy chopping trees in black elegant armour then it is worth the money.

Not everything about the game should be focused on how to get the best xp rate. For example you mentioned the King black dragon in your article which can be a fun clan event for all levels but has no real rewards (except and extremely rare visage but with the time it takes to get the drop you could make triple that money in god wars dungeon or by other means).

It’s a bit contridictory that you say spending money on clothes is a waste because all you do is show off in them and you could spend that money on skills, but what is the point of getting high skills other than to show off with them?.