Players may buy any colour dye in the store in RuneScape

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Giving just 2.5 experience for a single cape, this is not a quick way to train. Various cape colors are of flavored interest to players though. After beginning the portion of Recipe for Disaster quest to free Pirate Pete, players can craft crab armour. The materials are dropped by the Giant crabs encountered during the quest and crafted using a chisel.

After beginning The Fremennik Isles quest, members can craft Fremennik roundshields. This requires level 56 Woodcutting (strange as that seems) to combine 1 bronze nail, 1 rope, 2 arctic pine logs using a hammer and must be done at a woodcutting stump. Each shield made gives 34 Crafting experience.

At level 37 crafting, players can craft a Strung rabbit foot by using a Ball of wool on a Rabbit foot (acquired through use of the hunting skill). Doing so gives 4 experience. Wearing a strung rabbit foot increases the chance of acquiring a Bird’s nest while Woodcutting.

At level 64 crafting, players can repair Gloves of silence with a dark kebbit fur, needle and thread. Wearing Gloves of silence increases the success rate when pickpocketing NPCs.

At level 79 crafting, players can craft a Feather headdress by using 20 coloured feathers on a coif. Doing so gives 50 experience. A feather headdress can be charged with combat-oriented summoning scrolls to use them at random during combat.

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