I’ll start by saying this forum is much better than the official Runescape forums

I’ll start by saying this forum is much better than the official Runescape forums. I have a 1500 total level, but still cannot post on their forums, and have been having this problem since they reworked their site.

Now my main issue is, after not playing for about 3 years, I’ve come back and tried my hand at range combat. The issue is I cannot shoot over barrels, tables, stalagmite, or any similar objects that will allow you to shoot from safety. RS 2007 Gold. Instead of shooting from behind said object, my player simply runs to the side to allow the monster to attack me. I know for a fact you could shoot from behind obstacles before. It has been the same for years upon years.

Please tell me this is a bug and I should contact support about it. If it was a rework they did to ranged, it’s probably the worst change I’ve ever seen, as you have to be in melee to RANGED an enemy. If they made a change so rangers can’t safe spot, what is the point? Why shouldn’t I just go melee with armor? RuneScape Gold.

RS 2007 Gold

EDIT: Here is a picture of where I try to safespot from, but my character runs to the side so the giant can hit me. How can I not shoot over a rock that only goes up to my ankles?.

Runescape as being a hugely multiplayer sport

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