In Tyra’s Guard will need your help to buy Runescape Gold

To Tyra’s the Camp (the western Isafar) and in the Tyra’s Guard dialogue catapult (Catapult) next. He will tell you for his dereliction of duty, catapult external rain and rot.This makes it very unhappy General, to deduct the part of her salary. Although a catapult engineer has been called in to repair the machine, but he did not have this knowledge. In Tyra’s Guard will need your help to buy¬†Runescape Gold, he will tell you to go and General Hining dialogue. (General Hining in through the south Dense Jungle camp.)

General Hining will like you to explain the importance of the catapult and will give you a letter of Engineers, go to catapult engineers. Engineers in an open space catapult north, but go there you have to walk a long journey.

Find an engineer, a dialogue with him. He will tell you his instructions and box, lost in the ship to Isafar, so he can not complete the work. He will give you catapult blueprints, and seek your help. After that, in his dialogue once asked him Can you see General Hining to the letter of his engineers.

After reading the letter and listening to the engineers dialogue, you will know how to repair the catapult. You need: 10 Mahogany Planks (the mahogany board – best buy in GrandExchange) by, 90 Mithril or more of the nails (Nails-can be bought at GE or Smith) that can be taken from the dwarves Rolad metal parts (Metal Parts), Rolad can be found at the entrance of the dwarves mine (Dwarven Mine-Ice Mountain south).

Dialogue with him, he will tell you those metal parts has been a delivery dwarf called Thaki removed. Port Sarim bar, you can find him. Dialogue with him, he will be because you are not a sailor children refused to speak with thee. To solve this problem, the outside of the bar a drunken sailor, search him. You will get a sailor hat. The hat again with Thaki dialogue, this time he will give you what you need metal parts..