Runescape new combat abilities

Magic and range needed more abilities, nice job. Also nice to see dual wielding finally got AoE effects that 2H’s had = more balanced.I was hoping the boss 5k caps would be removed with this update though, I’m eagerly awaiting that.You need to buy runescape gold.

New Combat Abilities (free players and members)

In another batch of awesome EoC updates, we’ve introduced four brand-new combat abilities – two each for rangers and mages – and also expanded the functions of two existing dual-wielding melee abilities.


Sonic Wave (level 8, two handed): This basic ability deals 120% of your active spell’s damage gives your next attack a 10% accuracy bonus against the affected target. It has a five-second cooldown, but is a great way to help that big ultimate you’ve been saving up hit its mark.

Concentrated Blast (level 12, dual wielding): This basic-tier combo ability fires out three magical blasts – each causing 100% spell damage. Each of the three beams has a 5% greater chance to critically hit than its predecessor, so the damage can really stack up.


Dazing Shot (level 8, two handed): As with Sonic Wave, this basic ability deals 120% damage and makes your next attack against the target 10% more likely to hit. It’s a great way to set up your enemy for a big coup de grace.

Needle Strike (level 12, dual wielding): This basic ability does a solid 120% weapon damage, and increases your next hit’s chance to critically strike by 10%.

Unload: This ultimate now does up to 110% damage per hit to enemies in the target area, with each consecutive hit adding 10% on top of the previous hit’s modifier.


Flurry: The flurry of blows put out by this dual-wielding ability now affect consecutive enemies in a 360 degree area around you. As soon as one of these misses, all remaining hits in the six-second duration hit your original target, so accuracy is key for continued AoE carnage.


Frenzy: This mighty dual-wielding ultimate now causes up to 110% damage per hit in a 10-second melee barrage against targets straight in front of you, with each consecutive hit adding 10% damage on top of the previous hit’s modifier.

As always, let us know your feedback on how these abilities are working out for you – as well as any other runescape gold feedback you have – on the forums..