God emissary irem not spawning

I was doing the God Emissary miniquest thing and couldn’t complete it because one of the strange fragment’s does not show in the game nor on the minimap.

I have logged out and in on a number of worlds and maxed my graphical settings in trying to make it visible but it didn’t work.

After researching on the internet regarding the precise location of of the item I discovered it is supposed to be south of the Church of Zamorak, just outside of Varrock’s southern wall to the east of the lodestone..

Runescape bug undefined name in chatbox

I have two chat interfaces, one is for All Chat and the other is for Private Chat.

When logging into the game my chat boxes say ‘undefined: [Click Here to Chat]’.

Clicking in the chat area returns the name to ‘Acolyte Lady Eilie’ for all windows.
Pressing Enter to type returns the name only for the box that had focus.

I had slim skins, hidden title bars when locked, and locked interface.

Test 1:
Slim Skins, Hidden Title bars, NOT Locked
Logout, Login: Both chat boxes have undefined name, clicking one returned names to both boxes.

Test 2:
As above, same result.

Test 3:
NOT Slim Skins, NOT Hidden Title bars, Locked
Same result as above.

I also noticed that when logging out and ‘returning to lobby’, I was ejected to the title screen every time (minimap button as well as the Escape menu button)..

A few runescape bug i have encountered

I want to elaborate on the dwarf cannon bug.

I have not had the opportunity to utilize cannon much and I know things have changed with the evolution of combat.

It appears that even with Auto retaliate OFF, you still switch targets every time the cannon fires. It becomes extremely difficult to manage when dealing with multiple targets. It also interferes with the abilities. If you attempt to use an ability and the cannon locks onto another target, the ability is stopped midway.

Now again, I have not had the opportunity to use cannon much recently and this is happening to me specifically at the Fiyr shades.

While using dwarf cannon, you auto retaliate even when option is off. This makes you go chasing after targets slightly out of range.

Ghast familiar is not giving prayer experience..

The F2p runescape problem

Recently, I went on an f2p server while on the battlefield. I hate to say that what I saw disheartened me. After chatting with the players, it became pretty apparent that almost know one knew anyhting about the gods, nor did many even care who won. Some even admitted to jumping on the bandwagon. Most it seems, were even ignorant that the result of the battle will affect the story of the game. Not that this would probably matter, since many of them also expressed a complete lack of care for the story to begin with.

By allowing f2pers to affect the story, Jagex is literally, putting it up for grabs to people who neither know, nor apparently care how the story actually goes. As it stands, letting f2pers affect the score does only slightly as much (and perhaps less) good than it would to have a horde of monkeys selecting either red or blue balls and contributing points to the side represented by the ball they select. (the reason it might be less good is monkeys are less likely to bandwagon.)

I’m presuming it would be too late to block f2per points from counting in this event, but please Jagex, in the future, either block f2per contributions from counting (f2p participation is fine, but someone who doesn’t know nor care about the story shouldn’t be able to affect it), or at least make them pass a lore test before their contributions count. Heck, even having an explanation of the event which includes “talk to So-and-so if you want your contributions to affect the game storyline” would be better than our current situation.

One of my suggestions was allowing participation without counting contribution. i.e. PlayerA doesn’t is an f2per that doesn’t care about lore. Ergo, while he can collect renown via tears, his deposits do not affect his side. In this way, PlayerA is getting the gameplay/rewards, without affecting the lore that he doesn’t care about.

And that does leave me with something of a dilemma, I admit. I’m all for players who care about the lore being able to affect it. At the same time it seems the vast majority of f2pers don’t. If it were possible, I’d like to be surgical about this (players who care about the lore can affect it, players who don’t, can’t.) But the best way I can think of doing that is having a way to “activate” your contribution counting toward the end Runescape 2007 Gold game. (preferable something that involves a talk about lore.) And even that would have it’s issues..

Divination Skillcape Poll

The new Divination skill is on its way! RuneScape 3 Gold is your greatest adventure, so we’re handing you the power to decide what the Divination Skillcape will look like in-game.

Below you’ll find six different designs for the Divination Skillcape, complete with the first glimpse of the Divination skill icon. We’ve narrowed the choices down to these six, based upon feedback from the community.

To vote, look through the images and make a note of which number is your favourite. Visit the poll page and select the number of your favourite option to log your vote.

Decide which one you like best and vote now. The most popular choice will be used for the cape in-game!

This is just a small step we’re taking in giving the power to you game-shaping decisions. Even more momentous choices are on their way – watch this space!.

Runescape confusion

I am really confused about this world event. when I logged in I was thrown into a cut scene and a bit over whelmed… I don’t know what is going on…I was informed by the rs youtube channel and players in game that I should be caught up on lore? I have not done the world wakes, and I don’t want to until I am ready (I consider being ready doing the quests that lead up to it). I really don’t like skipping chapters on lore with games. And, I feel like I am being pressured to do something that doesn’t seem relevant to where I am at in my Runescape Gold game experience. I feel like this content shouldn’t even be visible to me yet.

Can any one help clear this up for me….becuase, as it stands I saw two gods duking it out and walked away to do my normal routine.

Honestly, you should really do The World Wakes. Jagex stated long ago that everything that happened in that quest has already taken a toll on the world.

We’re in the ‘6th’ age for a reason, and that quest gives you the reason. All you need to do is just get some armor, weapon, food, and go through the quest. I won’t spoil it now (And you shouldnt be on the forums or around Lumby if you dont wanna find out what happens.) But that quest is thought of to be done for everyone, new or not. It takes place in the past now.

The reason they did that is to promote new content, which is why you see two gods duking it out. If you don’t want to do the quest yet, look on youtube for Origins of Gielinor, and try to piece two and two together..

Warpriest and 1 defence

Please add a 1 defence version of this armor!.. ohh yea the magic word: PLEASE!!!

Pures and Skillers are being left out on this cool armor simply because of it’s minimum 25 Defence requirement.

Who honestly needs to wear 25 defence armor? I’m not saying remove the option or anything… But a lot more people would find it handy at level 1 defence.

With best wishes,
A sad armorless 1 defence account

EVERYONE- waited for RS3 and Battle at Lumbridge
EVERYONE- can work hard to contribute
EVERYONE- can collect Tiers and buy items at the reward shop
ONLY- people with 25 defence  can wear the clothing rewarded…

If you work hard to get it…. can we at least wear it?????

since everyone apparently is against allowing all players the option to wear this armor…
and someone posted this
‘no support, whining losers who dis-advantage themselfs don’t deserve the rewards’

just say support or no support

After all it’s the first ever world event… what better way to introduce rs3 then restricting pures and skillers from enjoying the rewards.

Honestly is it realy going to hurt you that much to have a 1 defence version of it?

Are you that hatefull to skillers and pures that you would shun them for simply playing the game in their own way.

1 defence requirement = Everyone that works for the armor can wear it!

25 defence requirement = Skillers, pures, ect… are left out on some awesome armor.

A good portion of the game is skillers and pures…
I don’t think it’s a good way to introduce Runescape 3 Gold with seasonal armor… that a good portion of the game can’t wear….

Html beta android support

Html5 beta and NIS still don’t work on any android device like they promised. I have checked , galaxy s3 and s4 and HTC 1 so far. It just keeps loading runescape 3 then after 20 minutes it says browser not supported. I have tried Firefox, chrome and stock internet on the listed devices…

Try the Nexus 7, it works on it. All you need to do is enable WebGL on Chrome beta. Unfortunately, the hardware on the S4 and the One cannot handle Runescape 3 gold at a 1080p due to a lack of GRAM, and there is no way to lower the resolution without pulling out an adb shell.

Even if you manage to hack the resolution like I did, the drivers might not be up to snoff. In short, get a Nexus 7, or a Shield, or adb the density and display size down. Without a mouse, RS3 is not worth playing on a phone.

BTW, there are some youtube vids of RS3 working on androids..

How do i toggle runescape combat window

I know there is an option to make combat information appear above the enemies head, but how do I toggle the combat information tab like in rs2? In rs2 you press F5 and it shows the enemies buffs / debuffs. I would like to make a seperate window for this instead of it appearing over my enemies head. With my UI setup, a window like that would look great right below my skill bar.

If this is not possible, I highly encourage Jagex to make it possible.

Also, I would like jagex to make the camera speed slider more severe. I have the slider set to the very lowest, and yet my camera look speed is still extremely fast.

We need more options to customize! This is a good start with the UI and all, but we need more options!.

Was zamorak right

So basically zamorak’s belief is that through chaos and destruction, the world will reform to be better than before right? Well when he banished Zaros and started the god wars he did start chaos and destruction; the only question is weather or not the world rebuilt better than before.

What are people expecting from this thread?

Zamorakians believe in his philosophy, non-Zamorakians don’t…plain and simple. The exact same debates have been happening with the exact same outcome for months now. The time for words is over, especially if we’re all going to end-up saying what we’ve all been saying the entire time.

There’s been about a dozen Zamorakian Philosophy topics in the last week. I’m tired of writing max character limit posts explaining why I believe in it, as I’m sure you all must be tired of posting counter-arguments.

Can’t we just all stop the philosophy debates, and turn the words we’ve been preaching into action when RS 3 Gold launches in less than THREE days?.