How to fix com

Oh wow I’m really going to give a fix for combat lvls without going back to the 126/138 mechanism of before!

With Jagex most recent fix to make lvls matter they implented an accuracy/defence percentage that changes when you face an enemy higher/lower than you. Now that is wonderfull one on condition: combat lvls should reflect a player’s capability.

So I suggest this:
1) Combat lvl should change with the weapon you’re wearing. If you hold a wand it is Magic   Defence   2. If you hold a bow it is Ranged   Defence   2. If it is a sword it is average of Attack and Strength   Defence   2. The lvls only switch during combat in non-Wilderness.

2) The average of melee skills could indicate the rise of pures. However this gets fixed if all weapons receive a Strength requierment. Depending on the speed (an indication of weight) this can be equal to the Attack lvl or  5/-5. For instant rune scimitar (speed Fastest) requires 45 Strength. Rune longsword (speed Fast) requires 50 Strength. Rune battleaxe and 2h sword (speed Average) require 55 Strength.

3) If you’re not in combat you show the average of all four   Defence   2. This means that a lvl 200 is truly lvl 200!

4) In the Wilderness you won’t be able to switch during combat due the lvl system. Instead the switch should be invisible so you’ve all combat penalties. When you’re 10 seconds out of combat the combat lvl will switch permenantly. The effective combat lvl would be between brackets. See this.

5) Suggested by Zamochy: Next to your combat lvl is an icon that indicates your greatest strength. It shows no weakness when maxed/balanced.

I do realise Summoning is considered a combat skill, I find that unnecessary. As someone worded it, familiars already have a combat lvl. Prayer and Constitution remain like it is now.

Simplicity helps new players understand many things, the CB lvl system needs to be one of them if we ever want Rs to grow. This idea would turn me off this game right away, it’s not because I’m an idiot, however it’s simply because I would feel overwhelmed as a new player with something so far from simplicity.

It worked well pre-eoc in my opinion, it was easy to estimate difference in stats by ones CB level compared to yours in many situations, it also took in effect prayer/summoning which can greatly change the outcome of a fight..