Discovering the runescape map

Simple suggestion: Instead of showing us everything on the map to start with, show us only the areas that we have been to and discovered in the game. This includes the shop/building icons. This will theoretically increase new players to spend time actually exploring areas that they didn’t know was there.

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Added suggestions:
1) Offer rewards for exploring more of the map – like in the task system.
2) Have all of F2P automatically given (land only), still having the shops to be ‘discovered’ but have all p2p in fog. (There are multiple variations around this idea, this sounded the best because we don’t want new players TOO confused.

I think that offering a reward as an incentive is a little silly as discovering what everything is in RuneScape gold is a reward in itself.
BUT if they were to offer rewards it should certainly be through the task system because that’s what it was setup to do. Get players to do *somewhat* odd tasks that they might not have discovered without actively looking..