Runescape need pop advice

I have recently unlocked the Scythe region, and the missions have become significantly more difficult.
-I am not interested in stockpiling tradegoods.
-I am not interested in making armours/scrimshaws.
-I am not interested in rushing through the game.
That said, I would still like to build the best possible crew, ships, and port buildings so that the latter missions will be easier. buy runescape gold.

My current plan is to obtain 6 of each basic crew type (combat, morale, seafaring) available from the scythe region (replacing the crew I still have from the hook region). In addition, I want 3 morale&combat types (chimeras/cherrywood golems?), and one scythe region merchant. The three siren whaleriders seem to be serving me ok for now. I have unlocked the siren’s shell island and chimera straits. I am currently trying to unlock the third ship.

Does this seem like the best way to obtain large amounts of cherrywood and slate, or does anyone have a better strategy?
Currently built buildings:
-Renovated Bar
-Refitted Office
-Refitted Workshop
-Renovated Lodgings
-Renovated Shipwright
-Refurbished Warehouse
-No totems
-No icons

Current resources:
-19375 chimes
-4700 bamboo
-5369 gunpowder
-1256 slate
-257 cherrywood

It’s also worth mentioning that no cherrywood ship upgrades are unlocked (besides the rudder). I only have the slate-level items (skeletal ram, hull of tides, heavy cannon x2 etc).