Sudden problem with glacors

I noticed that today I was getting a noticeable amount of non-hit-spell-splashes while fighting the glacors using magic (main spell fire surge), torment/soulsplit prayer, extreme magic pot, chaotic staff, arcane stream necklace, seasingers helm/robebottoms, ahrims top, etc, etc, etc….

I’ve been fighting glacors diligently over the passed few weeks, and have not noticed once this huge increase in empty magic splashes. The glacors seemed more resilient to attacks to the point where I missed hitting them 5 times in a row, very frustrating.

I know there is the 4 hour boost to fight them when you first enter. Is that a daily boost or an “each time you enter” boost?

I decided to one-up you: Staff of Light, no extra boosts. No problem hitting. Unless there is a glitch with your exact setup then I don’t know how you could be having a problem. A Chaotic Staff has 100% accuracy on them at 99 Magic even without Torment..