Zamorak is the good guy

I like the idea of “strength through chaos”. You need a stimulus to facilitate change. You can’t have growth and improvement without change. Chaos introduces that stimulus for change, but law/order serve to keep the status quo. I think everyone should be trying to grow/improve and realize their potential rather than stagnating with day-to-day routine.
Zaros is runescape gold of control. His very nature would suffocate growth of the individual, but leave plenty of resources to help himself. Zamorak felt he was doing what was right by removing the tyrant even if he wasn’t particularly horrible. Zamorak wants everyone to have a fair chance in a chaotic world rather than be forced into a role in an ordered one.
By Zamorak’s nature, he obviously does not appear as the nice guy. He doesn’t aim to please people. He aims to create a world where you have a chance to work hard to earn pleasantries yourself how you see fit.

I don’t know about that, as I see it, chaos is a really negative thing to rule a nation with. Take this as an example:

Nation A is Zamorakan and thus has chaos as it’s foremost pillar, the government (or leader) is corrupt because of the lack of order (and we all know where that leads), because of that the people start rioting, resulting in more chaos, the government is ousted and a new one is put in place, then due to the lack of order (and their godly alignment) the government is corrupt again, back to top.

Chaotic does not mean corrupt. Corrupt means having bad intentions and I am arguing that Zamorak has good intentions.
The idea is that Zamorak gets rid of anyone that tries to control everyone(basically every god), then everyone is free to pursue their goals without being interfered with. The best ideas get the most support and enthusiasm behind them and can be put into effect without a god’s say-so.