Fix your runescape game jamflex

“Your account has not logged out from its last session or the server is too busy to handle your request. Please try again in a few minutes or try a different server”

There’s only one server for RS 2007 Gold just solve the problem please.

Actually each game world is run on a different server, also login requests are handled by another server. The issues are occurring to alot of servers, primarily those in the US.

Jagex is working hard to correct the issues, all that is required from you at this time is patience.

Everything will be fine, just give it some time.

You are assuming that the server hardware is easily accessible and therefor fixable within a short period of time. Unfortunately this is not the case it will take time to gain access to the servers as they are not located at Jagex HQ. Then diagnostics can begin, diagnostics can take 5 mins or 5 hrs depending on the problem. Once a problem is found it can then take longer to have the issue fixed as hardware might have to be sent out somewhere and replacement hardware purchased and installed.

I’d love to state that server maintenance, problem diagnostics and repair wasn’t rocket science, and im sure it doesnt come close to rocket science, but its also not your grandma baking cookies. It takes time, appropriate skill and possibly money.

Have patience, go do something else for a few days. Your account will still be there. The worst thing you can do is blame a company for not resolving the issue fast enough when you can’t even comprehend where resolving the issue would begin.

I have to say I usually am very patient with Jagex for fixing problems and realize that it is very difficult to find what is going wrong let alone fix it. However this has been happening every day for an entire week (truly no exaggeration there). I would be happy to be patient with Jagex if they came out and said, “Sorry guys we have a serious problem and it is taking a while to fix it. In the mean time be careful of what activities you participate in.”

Just that statement would make a huge difference in runescape gold players eyes instead of complete silence. Also (and I’m usually not a proponent of this) but since this has been seriously limiting play for a week now at least they should give a free day or two of membership. That would go a long way to restoring goodwill..