The 2nd runescape skill:pioneering

Not the official name for the 2nd skill to be released this year, but this is probably best conclusion we can make at this time. As mentioned in the recent BTS, Mod Osbourne talks about how both of the new skills depend on the events following The World Wakes and what occurs in the Sixth Age. With this being a new age, technology will be advancing, past the electrical power created by the Cave Goblins and the steam engines by the dwarves. We the players will have a large role in this creation, ranging from the progressing past inventions, and then eventually spreading that technology out across the world.

The 2nd skill will depend on the first skill being released, Divination. So to put it simply, Divination: Gathering Resources –> Pioneering (or whatever it will be called) –> Producing and distributing.

Besides the new skills, we can see that we can possibly visit the original worlds of the monsters/ beings we have encountered through our travels, ranging from the Infernal Dimension (demons), to Vampirium (No explanation needed there), and even the home of the Icyene. Now how will we get to some of these locations? Portals created by the various gods that are arriving will probably be opened to allow more followers to enter Gielinor to aid in the war effort. If I had to guess, Vampirium will be opened in a future Myreque quest, but not by Zamorak, instead, Lord Drakan will probably be the one to do it (don’t forget he’s had a “obsession” with some certain “stones” which could aid in his path to Godhood).

But what do you guys think of this new information that has been provided by the newest BTS? Do you think the new skills will be worth the wait and enjoyable? Or do you think they will just be a dud? Do like the idea of creating your own inventions? And finally, how do you think we will travel to some of these worlds, and what others would you like to visit?

an interesting possibility! I’ve always been hoping Jagex will do a Barding skill ever since Bards were released into the game as NPC’s. It would be great fun and we need a real supporting class..