I came up with this runescape idea

“I wish you could own your own farm like P.O.P. but farming!”

Any lvl is required.

Skills possibly needed

Maybe Combat Skills.


You own your own farm, you can use crafting to decorate the out edge of your patches to you’re favorite god, monster, or colour.

The Lower levels in farming you get 7×7 square Allotment patches and 1 herb patch, as you level your farming skill, more and more patches will open up, for example 2 more herb patches, more Allotment patches, and the patch will get bigger. Bigger the patch more seeds you can use, and more items you get back. the higher level farming you can add a tree patch, and a fruit tree patch,

Construction comes in to this is building little shack which allows you to have a farmer to help take care, and a leprechaun, or a fence which allows you to keep some thieves out. Construction also helps making the patches bigger for better xp. and decorate your own farm with crafting as well.

Thieving comes in to play by stealing other players crops ( at random ) and earn seeds that helps you grow your farm.

Now farming is about planting crops. why not having cattle, or chickens?
with Construction you could build a fenced in spot to put your animals in. You could go in and kill things for resources

chickens -> feathers -> fletching
cows -> cow hide -> crafting
pigs -> pig teeth -> summoning
sheep -> wool -> crafting
yak -> hide -> crafting
Guard dog -> helps guard your farm.

runescape gold

The fences higher your crafting, construction. the fence is like a defence. higher the skills better woods you can use and harder for thieves to come in and destroy and take items form your farm.

This isnt a daily thing, if it was everyone would get 99,
Stealing seeds or crop could be once a day.
Killing animals could be once a day
Picking/ Farming could be twice a week,
Crafting/decorating is any time.