Why not pre-runescape eoc server

Im curious, why is having seperate, pre-eoc servers a bad idea? The only reason I can think of is that the game would become a little too seperated, but its their own fault for that. They shouldnt have made an update that noone wanted anyway

there are many reasons why they won’t (even though a very, very large portion of the community wants it back). they know that Runescape EoC isn’t a success and you can easily tell by the declining players but they just ignore it like it will fix itself, and it won’t. my guess for the next few years is that the player base will keep declining to a point where they finally realize that the EoC not wanted by the very large portion of the community.

what annoys me is that there are no jmod posts regarding the feedback on this subject either. the reason 07 was doomed from the start is that it’s very limited in content and everyone already knew what to do, where to train, etc. it’s different in a version between 2010-2012 because there’s much more content to do. up until the EoC release i was never bored and there were hardly any new updates that made a significant impact to keep players playing so that’s one significant advantage.

also, the only reason 07 came out was because a petition was made that reached its goal of 45k signatures and it was actually delivered to jagex so it’s quite obvious why they went against their word saying they’d never release an earlier version of runescape..