Runescape 3 bug report

NIS (HTML5) Beta Testing
While in ‘Interface Edit Mode,’ I was unable to return to normal gameplay by clicking on SAVE or CANCEL buttons. After clicking on the red ‘X’ at the top-right corner of the ‘Interface Edit Mode.’ The interface closes like it should, however I am now unable to move my character, camera, and I can’t click on anything.

Upon login, it says I last logged in over 4,000+ days ago lol.

Graphic menu seems to be missing the full screen option. However, I get the feeling it’s not there on purpose because it’s just the beta, and you want us to focus our attention on gameplay & bugs. But you never know, there could be bugs in the fullscreen mode too O.o!

The graphic options has less variety of things we can tweak unlike current Runescape EOC. But once again, you guys probably did this on purpose since it’s only a beta. But just in case, I highly recommend the return of those features in the final.

F-Keys are not programmable. I personally enjoy the F-keys settings in EoC, and would very much like to continue using those as my own personal settings.

After pressing ‘Enter’ to chat. The FIRST character of my message is ignored.
Example: hat are you doing? = What are you doing?

In the control panel, under mouse camera settings. There should be an option to switch mouse axis. What I mean by that is simple. Unlike the up, down, left, right arrow keys. The mouse camera rotation does not behave the same way. If I press the up arrow key, the camera goes up. But with the mouse it’s the COMPLETE opposite.

There’s a MASSIVE decrease in FPS compared to EoC. My guess is it’s software related, because I’m positive it’s NOT my PC.

System Specs:
FX-6100 @ 3.4GHz (6-core CPU)
GTX 460 @ OC’d to 930MHz
8GB’s of DDR3 1600 MHz
Intermet – 25MB Down/6MB Up
7200 RPM 500GB HDD (Which reminds me, is it possible to install RS 2007 Gold on another HDD that does have an OS?).