Runescape java looks better

I definitely think the Java version looks better. If you put on max graphics with anti-aliasing it is very very blurry. On low everything is very grainy. Just doesn’t look as good as the Java version.

Right now, HTML5, imo, looks very incomplete. It’s got a very blocky and grainy look to it. Textures look sub par, and the colors are very saturated. There are things that are definitely improved, like the lighting, but HTML5 right now looks like a 3D RS 2007 Gold game from a decade ago. I think it actually looks worse than the current Java version.

The increased view distance is great, but it just feels really off at the same time. For one, the sky is overkill in color. Please tone it down. And second, I get a nice long view and then all of a sudden it just cuts off – it doesn’t look right. We need some kind of blurring or fog to make the world around us more seamless.

And please implement the option for real anti-aliasing, and not force this FXAA junk that blurs everything. I understand FXAA performs better, but at least give us the option to toggle between FXAA and other modes such as SMAA or MSAA.

The current Java version of the game has a very clean and polished look to it. I find it to be acceptable. The game looks fine when you’re far above everything, but having the ability to zoom and see everything in much closer detail is really exposing some ugly stuff.

HTML5 in my opinion is a great start, and well done on it so far Jagex, but I would not release this as the final version. Just keep it running as an integrated beta for continual feedback. It just looks and feels (performance issues with a i7 3770K and GTX TITAN) that it has a long way to go still.

I’m just glad they’ve decided to hold off on the official launch of the HTML 5 client… Because, in doing so, they’ve admitted that the HTML 5 isn’t as complete as they would like it to be.

It’s a shame, sure, but at least they’ve portrayed themselves as mostly humble about it..