Was zamorak right

So basically zamorak’s belief is that through chaos and destruction, the world will reform to be better than before right? Well when he banished Zaros and started the god wars he did start chaos and destruction; the only question is weather or not the world rebuilt better than before.

What are people expecting from this thread?

Zamorakians believe in his philosophy, non-Zamorakians don’t…plain and simple. The exact same debates have been happening with the exact same outcome for months now. The time for words is over, especially if we’re all going to end-up saying what we’ve all been saying the entire time.

There’s been about a dozen Zamorakian Philosophy topics in the last week. I’m tired of writing max character limit posts explaining why I believe in it, as I’m sure you all must be tired of posting counter-arguments.

Can’t we just all stop the philosophy debates, and turn the words we’ve been preaching into action when RS 3 Gold launches in less than THREE days?.