Html beta android support

Html5 beta and NIS still don’t work on any android device like they promised. I have checked , galaxy s3 and s4 and HTC 1 so far. It just keeps loading runescape 3 then after 20 minutes it says browser not supported. I have tried Firefox, chrome and stock internet on the listed devices…

Try the Nexus 7, it works on it. All you need to do is enable WebGL on Chrome beta. Unfortunately, the hardware on the S4 and the One cannot handle Runescape 3 gold at a 1080p due to a lack of GRAM, and there is no way to lower the resolution without pulling out an adb shell.

Even if you manage to hack the resolution like I did, the drivers might not be up to snoff. In short, get a Nexus 7, or a Shield, or adb the density and display size down. Without a mouse, RS3 is not worth playing on a phone.

BTW, there are some youtube vids of RS3 working on androids..