Warpriest and 1 defence

Please add a 1 defence version of this armor!.. ohh yea the magic word: PLEASE!!!

Pures and Skillers are being left out on this cool armor simply because of it’s minimum 25 Defence requirement.

Who honestly needs to wear 25 defence armor? I’m not saying remove the option or anything… But a lot more people would find it handy at level 1 defence.

With best wishes,
A sad armorless 1 defence account

EVERYONE- waited for RS3 and Battle at Lumbridge
EVERYONE- can work hard to contribute
EVERYONE- can collect Tiers and buy items at the reward shop
ONLY- people with 25 defenceĀ  can wear the clothing rewarded…

If you work hard to get it…. can we at least wear it?????

since everyone apparently is against allowing all players the option to wear this armor…
and someone posted this
‘no support, whining losers who dis-advantage themselfs don’t deserve the rewards’

just say support or no support

After all it’s the first ever world event… what better way to introduce rs3 then restricting pures and skillers from enjoying the rewards.

Honestly is it realy going to hurt you that much to have a 1 defence version of it?

Are you that hatefull to skillers and pures that you would shun them for simply playing the game in their own way.

1 defence requirement = Everyone that works for the armor can wear it!

25 defence requirement = Skillers, pures, ect… are left out on some awesome armor.

A good portion of the game is skillers and pures…
I don’t think it’s a good way to introduce Runescape 3 Gold with seasonal armor… that a good portion of the game can’t wear….