Runescape confusion

I am really confused about this world event. when I logged in I was thrown into a cut scene and a bit over whelmed… I don’t know what is going on…I was informed by the rs youtube channel and players in game that I should be caught up on lore? I have not done the world wakes, and I don’t want to until I am ready (I consider being ready doing the quests that lead up to it). I really don’t like skipping chapters on lore with games. And, I feel like I am being pressured to do something that doesn’t seem relevant to where I am at in my Runescape Gold game experience. I feel like this content shouldn’t even be visible to me yet.

Can any one help clear this up for me….becuase, as it stands I saw two gods duking it out and walked away to do my normal routine.

Honestly, you should really do The World Wakes. Jagex stated long ago that everything that happened in that quest has already taken a toll on the world.

We’re in the ‘6th’ age for a reason, and that quest gives you the reason. All you need to do is just get some armor, weapon, food, and go through the quest. I won’t spoil it now (And you shouldnt be on the forums or around Lumby if you dont wanna find out what happens.) But that quest is thought of to be done for everyone, new or not. It takes place in the past now.

The reason they did that is to promote new content, which is why you see two gods duking it out. If you don’t want to do the quest yet, look on youtube for Origins of Gielinor, and try to piece two and two together..