The F2p runescape problem

Recently, I went on an f2p server while on the battlefield. I hate to say that what I saw disheartened me. After chatting with the players, it became pretty apparent that almost know one knew anyhting about the gods, nor did many even care who won. Some even admitted to jumping on the bandwagon. Most it seems, were even ignorant that the result of the battle will affect the story of the game. Not that this would probably matter, since many of them also expressed a complete lack of care for the story to begin with.

By allowing f2pers to affect the story, Jagex is literally, putting it up for grabs to people who neither know, nor apparently care how the story actually goes. As it stands, letting f2pers affect the score does only slightly as much (and perhaps less) good than it would to have a horde of monkeys selecting either red or blue balls and contributing points to the side represented by the ball they select. (the reason it might be less good is monkeys are less likely to bandwagon.)

I’m presuming it would be too late to block f2per points from counting in this event, but please Jagex, in the future, either block f2per contributions from counting (f2p participation is fine, but someone who doesn’t know nor care about the story shouldn’t be able to affect it), or at least make them pass a lore test before their contributions count. Heck, even having an explanation of the event which includes “talk to So-and-so if you want your contributions to affect the game storyline” would be better than our current situation.

One of my suggestions was allowing participation without counting contribution. i.e. PlayerA doesn’t is an f2per that doesn’t care about lore. Ergo, while he can collect renown via tears, his deposits do not affect his side. In this way, PlayerA is getting the gameplay/rewards, without affecting the lore that he doesn’t care about.

And that does leave me with something of a dilemma, I admit. I’m all for players who care about the lore being able to affect it. At the same time it seems the vast majority of f2pers don’t. If it were possible, I’d like to be surgical about this (players who care about the lore can affect it, players who don’t, can’t.) But the best way I can think of doing that is having a way to “activate” your contribution counting toward the end Runescape 2007 Gold game. (preferable something that involves a talk about lore.) And even that would have it’s issues..