Runescape bug undefined name in chatbox

I have two chat interfaces, one is for All Chat and the other is for Private Chat.

When logging into the game my chat boxes say ‘undefined: [Click Here to Chat]’.

Clicking in the chat area returns the name to ‘Acolyte Lady Eilie’ for all windows.
Pressing Enter to type returns the name only for the box that had focus.

I had slim skins, hidden title bars when locked, and locked interface.

Test 1:
Slim Skins, Hidden Title bars, NOT Locked
Logout, Login: Both chat boxes have undefined name, clicking one returned names to both boxes.

Test 2:
As above, same result.

Test 3:
NOT Slim Skins, NOT Hidden Title bars, Locked
Same result as above.

I also noticed that when logging out and ‘returning to lobby’, I was ejected to the title screen every time (minimap button as well as the Escape menu button)..