Recent changes my feedback

1. Private Chat, I appreciate that you guys have added this since a lot of us including myself like private/public separated or clan/private. However, I feel that the split chat should be able to be resized to fit long messages, at this time it can’t support long messages. Also, I couldn’t find a way to change the color of the text.

2. Inventory – I see that the inventory has changed, and I’m one of those people that have my inventory setup as 4 x 7, like it use to be. With this change, the armor screen and stats tabs have changed with that. Before, when I switch to my stats tabs, I would have my skills setup as 3 x 9, like it use to be. Also, I ‘had’ my equipment screen to where it shows my whole character and not the tiles, so.. resizing of the inventory messed that up too.

This is an example of how I have my inventory setup now to make the stats and Runescape equipment tabs to appear normal.

^ That’s what it is at the moment when I really need it to look like this
^ That will stop my ocd because of the even columns/rows

3. Change of text – The text that shows ‘xp to level’ or ‘current xp’ in that skill, is a lot harder to read now, well, for me it is.

4. Small bug – Hover over ‘toggle quick prayers’

5. Scrolling – I believe this didn’t happen till after this update, but before, I would be able to scroll up and down without my camera moving, and I don’t like having my camera locked since I change zoom levels every 1-5 minutes out of boredom, so I guess have it to where if player has mouse inside chatbox, scroll through messages but cancel the camera zoom.Thanks for the click through chatbox setting, and almost finished split chat, been waiting for those for awhile.

Enriched ripoff

So myself and several others were standing around, wasting XP, waiting on the enriched spring to appear like we do. It finally spawned, and myself and 5 others all began racing towards it. One person siphoned an orb from it, and it vanished. The enriched spring lasted for 4 seconds.

They normally last for about 20 seconds, or at least they have for me. Why did this one only last 4 seconds, and is Jagex going to fix it? Or is it intended?

The spring lasts longer when 4 people donate a normal (non-enriched) memory to it. To do that, just hold a normal memory and the first 4 persons will have it swapped for an enriched. That way it stays longer.

4 secs is nothing unusual…happens quit often when few people join in (like <10) and when they empty their backpacks in hope for lots of enriched without one memory left to donate to the spring..

Don’t trust this trainer

Duke opens his stores and some random tamer suddenly wants to help? I dare say we shouldn’t trust him.

Besides, what good are his dogs and spiders against the fierce warriors of Saradonmin and Zamarok?Jagax probably released that just to see if people will vote for the most expensive option regardless of what it’s about. Or if people will troll and next thing we know we got rats, starting with the small ones in the castle, fighting against the gods.

That or the trainer secretly teaches the critters to murder and steal.
In the middle of the night, 1 group of creatures sneaks into the refugee shelter and turns it into a horrific blood bath, while a 2nd group steals all the rune gear from the guards (leaving behind the worthless Iron bodies), allowing the trainer to make out doubly … first by robbing the Duke on the front end, then making out literally like a bandit with a small fortune in alcable rune gear.

Guard Rats ftw. What will happen is the Refugee families will kill each other. The White Knights will kill the druids and allow Saradominists to ransac Lumbridge, the guardsmen will just die because they are still useless despite their ridiculously cheap rune weapons. The trained animals will spread disease and that is how Lumbridge fell to ruin..

Week6:unbalanced voted up

The Saradomin camp was awarded with a second special unit vs an 50% more powerful special unit. At first sight this sounds balanced but in effect it resulted in increasing unbalanced situation, be it a glitch or untested. What happens is that the Saradomin camp can spawn a second boss who, i believe, on death can result in a spawn of 2 new bosses. Where, i believe the balanced option should have been that at any time there can be only a maximum of 2 Sara bosses around.

What is happening is that where Zammy is limited to 1 Zammy boss (be it 50% stronger), the Sara side has an increasing amount of bosses, each being 100%. This easily can result in having 4 Sara bosses vs 1 Zammy boss.

It might not, but i think it can matter in some ways. Aside from the mental support of having a 4 vs 1 situation, there are also some subtle influences in the gaining of the minigame reward tears.
– Zammy side now has the option to kill 4 more higher lvl dropping tears npc’s, in F2P this has little meaning as time it requires a boss is much more than killing a couple of regular npc’s.
– Sara side now has larger amount of Zammy npc’s that are lower on lp, quick kills aka quick tears.
– Sara side now has a larger amount of auto healing points vs a single zammy one that can easily be killed off. Maybe this matters less for higher combat runescape gold players, but it can matter for lower ones..

Few runescape bugs on html

I first off would like to state that I am very please where the HTML client is heading. I think this is an absolute must for Runescape Gold evolution as a competitive MMORPG.

Not exactly sure where the BETA stands at this point from a start to finish development standpoint, but I thought I would share some info about bugs I have observed in the past week playing HTML5.

1: Chat Bug: Has trouble catching the beggining of your typing, Usually misses the first letter or two.

2: Squeal of Fortune: Extremely glitchy from a visual perspective. image cuts in and out. The whole window flashes.

3: Load Times: A bit slow, especially on log in & teleporting to new locations.

4: Inconsistent & Bad FPS: MY rig will run about any game out there on max settings no problem. BETA fps seems to have some issues acquiring resources somehow.

5: Combat: I am unable to effectively conduct combat in BETA. FPS Drop, Abilities lag and don’t initiate or respond in a timely manner. I have to load the regular java client in order to PVM.

Not sure if this helps based on the information given above, but will provide it regardless.

My Rig:
OS: Windows 8 (64bit)
CPU: Intel i7-3930K 3.2Ghz (OC 4.4Ghz)
RAM: 32GB DDR3 2400

I reformatted my computer this morning; well overdue to say the least.

I will say that I have seen an increase in performance from previously. I have been averaging around 20-30fps in the battle for Lumbridge. (granted this is much lower than it should be)..

Runescape divination idea

Some other players and myself had an idea for a Divination related Distraction and Diversion. User Lightdemon74 mentioned that it would be cool for a evil-tree like event for divination. I agree, but with some specifications.

First, the event could not take place at a permanent energy rift. There would be too many Runescape Gold players and it would be crowded, which affects how quickly the event would last. So you could talk to Orla about when the next God Rift is. I thought it would be cool if the random energy rifts that opened up were related to specific Gods, and had God-related rewards. I don’t know what the rewards could be, but that’s what this thread is for.

But as far the God aspect, Guthix rifts would be for players with any div level, Zammy/Sara portals for players with > or = 20 div, and so on with more powerful/respected gods. The reason I lumped Zammy and Sara is because so far Jagex has been sure not to favor one or the other. These energy rifts would appear in random locations, just like evil trees.

This thread can be filled with further suggestions, or feedback..

It’s pretty obvious now

Zamorak has lost. With Saradomins still increasing lead there is no way Zamorak will be able to catch back up. So like always we Zamorakians are put on the losing side. Damn Saradominist Jagex.Now that you’ve accepted your defeat, join us bunny! join us! We will love you forever! We will sing to you like Mia Diekow! You’ll be a part of the glorious side!

Stay with Zamorak and you’ll burn forever Saradomins holy flames!

Remember you’ll get to whip the Zamorakian slaves we bring back!

This is not some role-play thread I created. This is to prove that Jagex made no attempt to properly introduce that factual lore into the Runescape 3 Gold game, thus giving players false looks of how which god operates. They also made no real attempt to research into the overall size of player support for Zamorak and assumed that Zamorak on his own would stand a chance against the fight.

Basically it was a unfair fight to begin with and a losing battle before it even started. Why? Because when you look at it Jagex are supporters of Saradomin and gave Saradomin and unfair advantage on purpose. Of which they’ve been doing for years.

Jagex expected Zamorak to take the lead. They had no control over what we would do, everything they did was totally impartial, both gods acted in the way we would have expected them to. Although I still see a possibility for a Zamorakian comeback..

Divination by xibit

One day, Xibit decided to pay Jagex a visit.

“All right, what do you think our new skill should be?”
“Well dawg, what do yo players do?”
“Ummm… sit at their computers and die inside as they watch a character level up skills.”
“Aight I got an idea, we can make a skill that levels up skills.”
“BRILLIANT! Would you like to be a mod?”
“Ain’t nobody got time for dat.”

So Jagex made their debut…

“Sup, players! I heard you like to skill, so we made a skill that makes you want to skill other skills, so you can level up your level grinding!”

Yay? I can poop a Rune Rock at 80+ but I don’t even care enough. I can visit a rune rock in the wilderness seeing as Jagex eliminated all of the PK’ers with Runescape EoC. That’s just my two cents there. Divination is almost useless..

Summoning tab refit

Right now, the buttons for familiar actions in the familiar tab always are below the familiar’s picture.
My tab cuts it off after the name, forcing me to scroll down.
There’s plenty of space to the side, though, definitely enough to hold the buttons, timer, and summoning energy.
It would be convenient if they moved over to the side into the the open space instead of being cut off, like how the inventory spaces move to accommodate more space..

Low fps on high-end pc

I recently decided to try out the HTML5 beta for myself today. The graphics themselves looked pretty impressive, but the framerate was unusually low in deserted areas (15-20 fps) and in crowded ones (10-15 in GE, World 3) Reducing draw distance, disabling FXAA, and killing shadows helped somewhat, but not significantly; in fact, reducing all graphics settings to their respective minima only yielded 20 fps in GE at best. I’m curious as to whether this is largely the fault of my machine or the fact that the HTML5 version is still an unoptimized beta. Here are the relevant specs:

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K @ 3.5 GHz
GPU: nVidia GTX 670 (2 GB vRAM)
Browser in Use: Google Chrome

I know that this forum probably gets a million of these threads every day, but I wanted to make sure my problem wasn’t specific to my particular hardware. Any tips on what I can do outside of the game to bump up FPS? Furthermore, is there a way to make sure RS is using my dedicated GPU (I only know of how to do this using the non-HTML5 downloadable client)?

The thing that stands out the most to me is the CPU not being overclocked. I now believe you currently need at least 4Ghz possibly 4.2 or more. I don’t think it is worth bothering with that though just for HTML5 and if you don’t know what you are doing you can damage the computer.

The other thing that will boost FPS is disabling hyperthreading in the bios (RS Gold is single threaded so is hampered by it). Another case of having to go into the bios so only do it if you know what you are doing.

Personally I’d just wait until Jagex optimises the client further. It isn’t worth messing about with the bios just for one game. It doesn’t even look that great as it is really..