SSD for disk cache

Since RuneScape Gold uses disk caching, will I notice a performance increase when using SSDs? Will I notice anything?

Yeh, they do have a better read/write then standard hard drives. Though it is best to utilize as much as your RAM as possible as that will always be faster then SSDs.

Right now the major problems with RS3 is on the video end and software/browser end. It doesn’t seem to be a hardware problem. By the wintertime HTML5 should be standardized where now it is still a developing technology and changes are being made. I would consider looking into a hardware upgrade when HTML5 version is no longer in beta.

Shoot around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that appear after Thanksgiving (assuming you live in the US).

I got an ATI, too (ati mobility radeon hd 4500) hehe. I have 30 fps in the desert with just a few NPCs around me (html5, lowest quality). So, it’s not total ****, but when I’m moving to new areas it drops to like 15. I got a laptop with Win7 preinstalled (now Win8). But I’ll notice your advice and wait and hope it becomes better. But the html5 version of the game just looks better. Thank you!.