I have two major bugs to report

One is Audio. The audio likes to play catch up when it lags. It also sometimes decides to go into a speed up loop during/after a lag. This can be both loud and jarring. As well as funny.

Two is also Audio. The volume sometimes gets stuck on all max or randomly cuts out. Not sure if these are related but they’re both annoying. The former is especially annoying to people like me who prefer a quieter volume setting.

Three is a game bug. HTML five doesn’t like it when I’m in another browser tab/application. It will suddenly freeze and interfaces will be gone/empty when I return. It’s not a constant but it is a frequent problem.

Four is minimap related and has been around forever. The minimap background suddenly unaligns from myself and the minimap icons/walls. Basically, the background doesn’t load right. I can navigate by the bank icons, etc. but it looks really weird and can be very confusing..