Runescape accuracy and damage

I’ve always been a hybrid mage-range. Hard enough, as it was, what with them conflicting in the triangle, at least more-so than a melee-mage.

With the new runescape 3 equirement for staffs/wands to cast spells, mage-range hybrids have been pretty crippled. (Yes, it was a stupid idea in an age where hybrids seem to be more favored).

No issue for me, because I never really used my magic for damage but rather for effects. Curses, snares and of course ancient magicks. Now that I can no longer use ancient magics with a bow, I’ve relied more on curses and snares – which are now far more easily available, and I am appreciative of that.

Only thing with that is from what I can tell, using them without a staff/wand make them exceptionally inaccurate, in that they always miss. Why is that? I mean, you can only use them once per enemy in the allotted time that the effect is in place? Why should these spells miss? They’re also not incredibly that tide-turning, considering while 5/10% can be big, it’s not exactly earth-shaking.

In all, I’d just like to see some more hybrid weapons at best, and at worse, at least take a look at how accuracy effects hybrids..