Whos to say the gods would keep their rule

This message is too my Brothers the Bandosian
My Sisters the Seren
And my friends the Zamorakian, and Armadilian

I have a simple thing for you too hear
A Island is not made by an orderly sea
Chaos brings the earth from the seas bed to its surface
law then stops the chaos, birds come and seed the island creating more life.
Competition begins on the land in a war where the strong thrive.
With the strong stronger, the weak growing to compete with he strong soon they are equal once more and peace rains from the islands palms.

This cycle is never ending, this cycle keeps life but also destroys it. There is no emptiness, there is no order… yet it creates its own balance.

All I am trying to say is our four sides create our own order, create our own balance
There is no room for saradomin or zaros. If we come together and aline there is room for all and we will grow stronger then we would apart.

WHos to say the gods would keep their rule? Together they wouldn’t need to interfere, they could simply nudge as they choose to help us grow. In the end balance would be our own creation.

I am sorry if I have gone further then I should have. I simply ask for you to join me, in hopes our 4 gods can aline and defeat the gods who wish for our destruction.

A Island is not made by an orderly sea

yet more evidence that Zamoraks weakling followers will reach for any straw, nomatter how far fetched, in order to try and save his lame butt!

He is an embodyment of chaos, like he would adhere to ANY agreement, that would be FAR too ‘order’ly!.