Runescape nerf food in dung

Title says it all for the last few dungs ive done everybody in the party has had low hp and no food, we literally cannot continue with the dung we have to stop and cook food. what a waste of time! fix it! or better yet make the dung monsters not so damn op! or BETTER YET make us not loose xp when we die!

” How are you even losing health in dungeoneering? ”

well i used to tank everything in dung till jagex released that stupid cb update 4ish months ago, now everything thats not my cb style tanks me and kicks my ass. and it shouldnt be this way!

Have experienced those warped floors where food is particularly thin on the ground. Athough I might add that it only seems to be that much of an issue on warped floors. All the other themes are still ‘salve eel city’, with big foodpiles resulting from every cleared GD, so much so that they end up being left on the floor.

But oh the joys of clearing a busy GD on a 5:5 warped, to be greeted by … heim crabs, red eyes, dusk eels, and feelings of hunger.

To be honest this is as it should be as far as im concerned. I allways found it silly that fishing and cooking were in the dung, but the monsters dropped so much food it made both skill worthless.

Further more i find it impossible to believe that THE BATMAN would have such issues. Thats right your secret is now out muahahahahaha..