My feathered brethren!

I realize that many of you must be wondering, “How can you say this? Is it not so that Zamorak is an abomination to the Law of Armadyl? Is it not true that our lord was once a close ally of Saradomin during the Godwars?” Reasonable questions indeed.

Like many of you, I had initially allied myself with our lord’s longtime ally, Saradomin, under the impression that his visions of “order” would be the best means of carrying out our own father’s ideal of securing justice and rule of law for gods and mortals alike. Saradomin and Lord Armadyl have much that they agree upon, and you will remember that all those years ago in the Runescape Gold Wars they were allies until that fateful day when Saradominsists stole the Godsword from under our very beaks.

Although I fought on Saradomin’s side, I fought for Armadyl alone, and gradually I came to see the Saradominists for what they truly are. They do not seek justice OR rule of law. A true Saradominist would have us all be puppets, pawns in their god’s plans. They do not value freedom or even justice, as HAM reveals. They are determined to be victorious no matter the cost of life; their god is a charlatan who claims to be a god of goodness but who is in truth just as manipulative as the Empty Lord himself! How can we support this aberration to justice?!

Zamorak has his flaws, but his anarchy would bring freedom to our kind and to all. Once the despot Saradomin is gone, we may begin to bring about Armadyl’s true rule of law, rather than tyrants..