Where the hell runescape go

Honestly, I’ve been an RS Gold proud player of many years (since the early days when our arrows and magic spells were nothing more than little blue asterix’s). I have followed and watched all the changes… but this… this is just…

I’m too blasted old for changes like this. The interface is confusing the hell out of me.

Simple question : Why can’t nice good little games like RS just stay as enjoyable and simple as they used to be?

(Yes, I’m one of ‘those’ people who take to change like a fish takes to breathing air!)

If u didnt do this in a few years rs would of died.
By doing this rs either dies sooner or it doesn’t die for a long time.
It was a chance and the sooner they took it the highier the chances to work were.
They still have to add Html5 and tablets and stuff and fix everything advertise. By then we can decide if the game will die soon or not..