Should we help our guards

I’m seriously conflicted here about this weeks dilemma.

“Our guardsmen are not currently up to the task of facing the knights and beasts if they leave the battlefield.”

Do we improve their weapons for 20k?

Do we train them at the Combat Academy for 25k?

Do we do both for 45k?

Or do we do nothing leaving our guards we already paid for useless?

The treasury is quickly running out at 80k and the battle has just begun.

What should we do?

I’m opting for do nothing. The guards were a waste, and I still think they’d be a waste even with training+weapons. These are gods with armies, a bunch of well equipped trained farmers still won’t put up a fight.

Lumbridges best bet is to keep its head down and hope for some less direct methods to improve it’s situation as far as I’m concerned..