Nothing to runescape fight

I’ve been on several worlds of varying population etc.

Regardless, the new champions are being camped by one person. So we’re getting spammed by messages that those are being spawned over and over and over and over.

That, in itself, is annoying but I wouldn’t care much about it, except … there seems to be a shortage of regular minion spawns to fight as well! Some of us are still after those Runescape 3 gold fragments …. and we need something to fight to get them.

One can wander over huge sections of the battlefield and there is literally nothing going, not even NPC on NPC battles.Can you up the action Jagex? Give us something worth calling this a battlefield perhaps?

Super, I don’t know how the spawns work (obviously) but there seem to be very few regular minions compared to the preceding weeks. So I’m not seeing tons of lesser minions slipping through the cracks. I’m not seeing large numbers of lesser minions at all.

If regular spawn rate is tied to champion spawn rate, and champions are spawning over and over, this might explain it.

Regardless, I don’t care if people want to camp the champs. I just want more regular minions out on the normal battlefield to fight.

Clearly you’re right, Reticulatus, world hopping doesn’t help.

No matter the world, no regular minions are spawning fast enough to make this an interesting ‘battle’.

I need fragments, Jagex. Aside from that, interesting content that you’ve spent months hyping for us would be good too.

At the end of the last BTSvid on YouTube, mod moltare said that upcoming changes to the battle of Lumbridge included what I assumed meant the ability to get sacred metal fragments from skilling nodes.

I also assumed this would come in this weeks patches..