Yellow nodes being abused

First of all: I agree that the yellow nodes can be a good thing, but when there is a select few people just capping using a 3x multiplier, then it becomes broken.

at the hiscores: the gap between rank 1 and the rest of the top page. I’ve capped everyday so far yet #1 for Zamorak is around 13000 tears higher than me, the yellow nodes allow you to get more than 3k tears a day. Which I’m guessing is an oversight by Jagex.

Just kind of annoying/frustrating for people like me who are competing in the hiscores, just think it should be put out there so Jagex can hopefully fix this issue.

You were in the hop4metal FC complaining about this. I know plenty of people that collect the falling rocks +30 shards a day and get a total of 3030+. It abuses runescape 3 gold game mechanics but it makes basically no difference to anyone except to the guy in the #2 slot.

They have bigger things to fix. (like the world wakes console bug).The extra divine shards from fallen rocks is not abusing game mechanics, I remember a Jagex mod post saying it’s a perfectly legitimate method of getting over 3k tears in a day.Still just thought it should be brought to attention, and it does affect me as I was rank 3 for a while, but now that’s down the drain since a few people are plowing through the hiscores..