I just noticed runescape

The divination symbol looks like an atom with electrons.

This kind of makes sense in a way…

So what we are basically doing…is…

Using physics(divination) to change the composition of the atoms(elements) around us to form them into to new materials(resources)…

…and the higher levels we gain(the more knowledge), the better we will be able to perform alcheme- transmutati- transform the elements and fuse them into better ones.

So I suppose human trans- *ahem* creating creatures or implementing the summoning skill in this is out of the question.So I guess there will probably be equivalent exch-*cough* an option to change materials from high leveled to more lower leveled materials.

I think it is plausible to assume that it can work both ways.

Transmu- Alche- transform a magic log into several maple logs for example.

Oh and the skill points better have an option weather to let runescape 3 gold players skill from them or make it so that only you can or friends..