Divination by xibit

One day, Xibit decided to pay Jagex a visit.

“All right, what do you think our new skill should be?”
“Well dawg, what do yo players do?”
“Ummm… sit at their computers and die inside as they watch a character level up skills.”
“Aight I got an idea, we can make a skill that levels up skills.”
“BRILLIANT! Would you like to be a mod?”
“Ain’t nobody got time for dat.”

So Jagex made their debut…

“Sup, players! I heard you like to skill, so we made a skill that makes you want to skill other skills, so you can level up your level grinding!”

Yay? I can poop a Rune Rock at 80+ but I don’t even care enough. I can visit a rune rock in the wilderness seeing as Jagex eliminated all of the PK’ers with Runescape EoC. That’s just my two cents there. Divination is almost useless..