It’s pretty obvious now

Zamorak has lost. With Saradomins still increasing lead there is no way Zamorak will be able to catch back up. So like always we Zamorakians are put on the losing side. Damn Saradominist Jagex.Now that you’ve accepted your defeat, join us bunny! join us! We will love you forever! We will sing to you like Mia Diekow! You’ll be a part of the glorious side!

Stay with Zamorak and you’ll burn forever Saradomins holy flames!

Remember you’ll get to whip the Zamorakian slaves we bring back!

This is not some role-play thread I created. This is to prove that Jagex made no attempt to properly introduce that factual lore into the Runescape 3 Gold game, thus giving players false looks of how which god operates. They also made no real attempt to research into the overall size of player support for Zamorak and assumed that Zamorak on his own would stand a chance against the fight.

Basically it was a unfair fight to begin with and a losing battle before it even started. Why? Because when you look at it Jagex are supporters of Saradomin and gave Saradomin and unfair advantage on purpose. Of which they’ve been doing for years.

Jagex expected Zamorak to take the lead. They had no control over what we would do, everything they did was totally impartial, both gods acted in the way we would have expected them to. Although I still see a possibility for a Zamorakian comeback..